The lights are about to shine, everything and everyone take the right places on the scene and the play is about to start. Every single moment is important, every single detail makes a great difference. Time is ticking fast, therefor the team is in tense and their expressions are honest and unique. That’s is the magic of a documentary, the opportunity we have to be with them all the time and film something unrepeatable, the process of a theatrical play, feelings, difficulties, etc.This team is different from the rest, as they are continuously trying to overcome great difficulties so they can be called “professional performers”. We tried to capture that rout to their goal starting from the research for a play, casting, rehearsals and up to now, the premier!Their trust was difficult to be gained, and it was really hard to open up to us. However we are very optimistic for the final result, since we are dealing a very strong and united team that gives us great material.